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| 邓茵

  自我介绍是向别人展示你自己的一个重要手段,自我介绍好不好,甚 至直接关系到你给别人的.第一印象的好坏。下面小编整理了小学生英语自我介绍范文,欢迎参考借鉴!


  My name is _x . There are 4 people in my family. My father is a Chemistry teacher. He teaches chemistry in senior high school. My mother is an English teacher. She teaches English in the university. I have a younger brother, he is a junior high school student and is preparing for the entrance exam.

  I like to read English story books in my free time. Sometimes I surf the Internet and download the E- books to read. Reading E- books is fun. In addition, it also enlarges my vocabulary words because of the advanced technology and the vivid animations.

  I hope to study both English and computer technology because I am interested in both of the subjects. Maybe one day I could combine both of them and apply to my research in the future.


  hello, everyone, its my honor to stand here introducing myself.

  My name is _x, from Class 2, Grade six,__ Primary School.

  Im doing well in my study, besides Im the monitor of my class and I get on well with my classmates.

  Im a happy and talented girl. Im good at drawing and many of my drawings havewon prizes. At the same time, I like telling stories.

  Im interested in learning English very much, and I believe that I will do well in future. I wont let you down!

  Thanks for your listening.


  My Chinese name is _x. My English name is Rose. I’m a girl .I’m twelve years old. I’m from Ruian Xincheng Experimentation primary school.

  I’m in Class two Grade six. I’m clever. I’m a good girl. I’m helpful. I often help classmates. My best friend is Caichenglai. He’s nine years old too. We eat play and read together. We learn each other.

  I like swimming,roller-skating and computer games.

  I swim everyday in the summer holiday. I ofen roller-skating on the weekend.

  I like blue and red .

  I like the blue sky. I like the red auturm .

  There are three people in my family. They are my mother my father and I. My mother is thirty-seven years old. She’s an accountant. She likes to go travelling. My father is thirty-seven years old too. He is a teacher. He likes to reed books.


  Good afternoon, teachers! My name is _x. I’m 11. I come from Class1 Grade 5 of TongPu No.2 Primary School.

  There are 4 people in my family. My father is tall. My mother is pretty.My sister has long hair. And I’m a good student. However, my home is near the school, I often get up early. Because I must work hard. after school, I like playing computer games and reading books. I’d like to eat apples. They are sweet and healthy. And I like Tuesday best.

  We have English, music, computer and P.E. on Tuesdays. My math teacher is Miss Huang. Her class is so much fun. So my favourite class is math. And I like Chinese and English, too.

  This is me. An active girl. Please remember XuLulu. Thank you very much!


  Hi ,Good morning, boys and girls.

  Nice to meet you, here. My name is _x. I am from Tai Ping town ,Hui Longsi primary school. I am in Grade Four. I am ten now.

  Today I will talk about the “clothes”.I know many kinds of clothes. Such as: coat,sweater, dress, shirt, skirt. Shoes. As a child, I like clothes very much.. mother often buys clothes for me. I like white .and I study hard at school.

  Today I am wearing school clothes and white shoes. It fits for me. I like it .

  Ok. That is all. Thank you ! Goodbye