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| 倩仪



Hello, everyone, my name is Chen Yuheng, nicknamed yueyue. Today is to introduce me.

I'm not tall, but a head taller than my mother, my father is a head, I have a pair of TieChiTongYa, ji's morning mist is not better than, but also can often at home. Although I grow handsome, actually very honest, thick eyebrows with a pair of black shiny eyes. Handsome don't

I have many hobbies, but unique romance, but the only access is playing basketball and computer, see my hands grip the ball on the pitch, three shots, hey, the ball into the, although it is only for the one hundredth time I am practice into. Speaking of playing computer I'm a senior high, since only play when the player played weak flower water, have been determined to practice, then I carry forward the spirit of not afraid of hot far, finally became a new generation of playing god. As for me, I also than saving, buy a popcorn, a corner that the 50, the somebody else OK only for half a day.

I have an ideal when a President what of, say, go to daydream.


How do you do? I am a fresh graduate of Hubei Institute for Nationalities. My major is clinical medicine. Next June, I will graduate with a bachelor's degree in clinical medicine

University five years, I study all the professional knowledge, at school, all subjects have achieved good results. During the internship, I actively study, for the common diseases of various subjects have a deeper understanding

Especially the surgery was performed under the guidance of teachers in an appendectomy, get the teacher's praise.

I have good computer knowledge and application ability, and in the 14 years through the National Computer Rank Examination (two QBASIC) of the assessment, is now ready to participate in the three network test. I can skilled operation of Windows98, and can use C QBASIC programming language, and skilled use of offices software. Good English speaking and writing, in 15 years by CET-4.

During my university years, I won many scholarships, published many articles, worked as a class cadre, and had a strong organization and coordination ability. A strong sense of dedication and sense of responsibility enabled me to face any difficulties and challenges

I hope to be able to join your hospital, and play my potential


Hello everyone, I was the rain, because just born in the rainy day, dad just surnamed Xia, so a "rainy day" is the starting line-up, but I also hope that the mother like bamboo shoots after a spring rain every day! Oh later because some people can not bear to call me on a sunny day, rainy day, in order to avoid the "chaos", had to abandon this quite simple character name, back into the "nickname". My name is simple, is actually a "next" word, because the day I was born just as Mom and dad married 2 anniversary of the second day. "Xia Yi" homophonic words of Ningbo ", I hope everyone time to" leisure time to Italy, oh, a little "following" the word is too elegant and put it down, feather made into One divides into two.

Everyone says I am a sunshine girl, because I am happy ah. I always sit still, ha ha, can become a good friend with a small chair, teachers and parents are now the biggest wish. I love to dance, but the best can follow their own music dance, not according to the requirements of teachers basic skills training; I love painting, but it is best to doodle. The kids face painted green also never mind; I love skating, but the most interesting is about 35 friends together, how to practice wrestling......

Growing up, I want to be a chef, and of course I miss the best university.


My sense of responsibility and principled; good team spirit; warm and cheerful, strong affinity and appeal, and good communication;

Served as student leaders and participate in the social practice, through training to accumulate some experience and cultivate the spirit of hardship; university dorm work makes me to communicate, learn how to harmonize interpersonal relationship.

Proficient in recruitment and social security module

HR assistant intern experience makes me have a preliminary understanding of each module of the human resource, can be more skilled use of EXCEL in practice, and organizational ability can be improved, and also won the "outstanding staff"

I never doubt yourself, though no much work experience, but as long as the efforts will be successful. Have a strong interest in the work of HR, hoping to start from every little bit of human resources step by step, become human resources professionals.


I'm Lai Xueqing, graduated from 6 (4) class, my disposition lively open and bright, I am learning are among the best in the class, and I in the class members, labor committee member, discipline, as a Chinese, English group leader, enthusiastic counseling team player's position. As a language learning committee member, I can is responsible earnestly, assistant teacher, help the students improve language result. I to work

The identity of the member can do carefully monitored good classmates clean the classroom every day and the health of the health, to keep the campus clean and tidy, clean; Every week can do arrange health, and every day to check the health, let us more fresh air. English group leader should have the condition is serious and responsible, hand the homework in a day, and so on, I can do it, I came to school on time every day, supervise and urge the students homework, and then sign to carefully check students' homework. Should be a disciplinarian is hard to do, but I overcome this difficulty, all stop the calm, use their own actions to prove I can do it.

Outside the classroom, every afternoon I went to help those students whose English almost a little, patience to teach them, and let them to learn English, and English in a good friend. In class, I can do concentration, don't gossip, listen earnestly, actively raise your hand to speak.

At home, I was a sensible, caring little girl, I will listen to your mom and dad's, and every day I will wash the dishes, do household chores, other father mother also kua I am sensible and hardworking. I no matter in any field, I can also be honest, I can also show filial obedience parents, love the motherland, unite classmates, respect teachers. Believe I will be better tomorrow!