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| 倩仪




Good morning. I am very glad to be here for this interview.


First let me introduce myself. My name is LiShuai, and my English name is Jacky Lee. I've finished my undergraduate education in Xidian University, Majoring in Electronic Science and Technology in the college of Technical Physics.


I am open-minded, willing and have broad interests like basketball, reading and especially in engineering such as software programming, website design, hardware design. For example, during the past four years, I have accomplished two websites: one is the website of our school, and the other is the website of the doctor forum of china 20_. Furthermore, I am interested in C plus plus programming language and have written some application programs. In July in the last year,I finished my graduate project with flying colors,which was a software application about Image Process . In addition, I have also finished some projects about embedded system by using MCU when I was a junior.


Although I have broad interests in many aspects and grasp the essential knowledge of the major, but I think at present, I can do many things in a superficial level, but not be competent to do things professionally owing to lack of ample knowledge and ability. So I think further study is still urgent for me to realize self-value.

The major that I hope pursue for my further education is IC design. Because I find integrated circuits are playing a more and more important role in our modern society. And nowadays in China, with the recognition by the government, our domestic integrated circuits industry is growing rapidly and that may provide a lot of chances to us.

I plan to concentrate on study and research in this field in my graduate time. And I hope I can form a systematic view of micro electronics and IC design technology and make a solid foundation for future profession after three years study here.


Call Li Yizhuang, this year 13 years old, graduated from no.3 primary school. It is a school with a long history. I am a introverted boy. Hobby is single. I don't like reading a book, but I want to make up my mind to read a book. Because I know read volumes, such as writing this truth.

I have black hair black, with a glib mouth, there is a bright "window". My qq is _ _ _, you can add me as a friend.

My disadvantage is that the absent-minded in class, like to desertion, like lose something, to solve the problem. Love lazy, such as English, there is a problem I will do the results because at that time the lazy that I lost two points, this is a profound lesson, I must study hard, to do more exercises, to get rid of this bad habit of lazy, let everybody have literally feel my change.

My big problem is litter, as long as one out of my bag, must take out some trash, littering the trouble, also said I in elementary school teacher, but I still behaviour. Now I grow up, get rid of the bad habits, become a squeaky clean good students.

I can not meet the difficult subject, will step aside, I'm going to study knowledge comprehensive development. Do to get rid of difficulties, to achieve the goal, rather like the ass of qian. I must realize the promise, be a good student, let everybody have literally feel my change.

Spring water flow, knowledge learn not over, I must let the teacher believe that I, one hundred rest assured, don't let the teacher angry.








My name is _, a postgraduate student from Tianjin University, and will get my master degree in March _.

I'd like to summarize myself from 3 aspects:

First, I'm an excellent learner. In my sophomore year, I passed the entrance examination to the Excellent Student Program in Tianjin University and was recommended as the postgraduate student with special courses, and then I joined the IBM Center in Tianjin University. After finishing my undergraduate courses, my GPA was 3.8 out of 4.5.

Second, I'm an excellent problem-solver. During the last 4 years, I have finished 5 projects, including the Hydraulic Engineering Project Management System, and so on. And I took part in the Mathematical Contest in Modeling in _ and won the second prize in Tianjin region.

Last, I'm an excellent team player. I've been serving as the monitor for 6 years and team leader for 2 years. And besides taking more responsibilities, I also placed great emphasis on teamwork, in order to meet the team's goal.


My name is _X, this year is 21 years old, graduated from _ PLA information engineering university computer science and technology professionals, in the four years of college life, I have grasped the development and application of technology, but also in the development of the network have the profound understanding. So to lay a solid foundation of professional knowledge. In the thoughts and behavior, thought progress, positive enterprising, has the self-confidence, have very strong work sense of responsibility and the dedication to work, work steadfast, bears hardships and stands hard work, have a high comprehensive quality training.

During the period of school has many social practice experience, has participated in college online virtual laboratory development needs analysis, the university period as many times more course lesson representative. Professional knowledge, proficient in C/C programming language, capable of using the language for software development; Master Visual C 6.0 programming software, has the rich based on Windows platform write software experience. Understand TCP/IP protocol, familiar with the basic principle of database; Have relatively rich web design and development experience, was instrumental in construction and maintenance institute's web site.Actively participate in a number of research projects. Has a strong professional ability. Have a solid Core Java foundation, good programming style; Familiar with Tomcat, Jboss server and so on, familiar based on Linux and Unix environment of software development.

Although the actual work experience is not very full, but point four years developed my full confidence and professional dedication and solid base of the discipline knowledge and strong professional skills, four years of military school life, I strict demands on themselves, and consciously, observance of discipline and punctuality. I am honest and have the sense of responsibility, has the independent enterprising character, is industrious hands, good at one's brains, adapt to the new environment ability. Can be in the shortest time to finish from students to professional staff transformation, try your best into the new work and life.

After four years of study, training I become a moral right, has a strong will and a lofty ideal, has the enterprising spirit and team cooperation spirit of good students. Believe what I have knowledge and competence can fit for any hard work. If I am lucky enough to become a member of your company, I will put all the youth and enthusiasm bend force into work, obtain due scores, for the development of the company to contribute their strength.


在校期间有多次社会实践经历,曾参与过学院网上虚拟实验室开发的需求分析,大学期间多次担任多课程的课代表。专业知识上,精通C/C++编程语言,能够熟练运用上述语言进行软件开发;掌握Visual C++6.0编程软件,有丰富的基于Windows平台编写软件的经验;了解TCP/IP协议,熟悉数据库基本原理;具有较为丰富的网站设计开发经验,曾经协助建设和维护学院网站。积极参与多项科研项目。具有很强的业务能力。拥有扎实的Core Java基础,良好的编程风格;熟悉Tomcat,Jboss服务器等,熟悉基于Linux及Unix环境下的软件开发。




Hi, Good afternoon everyone

name is _x .And I am from No.___ Overseas Chinese Middle School of ___ .It is really a great honor to have this opportunity for an interview . I would like to answer whatever you may raise , and I hope I can make a good performance today .Now let me introduce myself briefly .

I am _x years old . I graduated from “___ University”in ___ . And then I got a higher degree in“ _ university ” in _ . I have worked for ___ years since I graduated from the university .And I have been a headteacher for ___ years .

Being a teacher is tired but excited . Having taught for so many years , I think I am experienced in teaching field . I have ever got much honor in teaching , but still I think I need a new environment to challenge myself .

I am open—minded , quickly thoughs and skillful in searching for information on internet . I can operate computer well . In my spare time, I have broad interests .Such as reading ,surfing the internet ,enjoying music ,writing some articles on my blog and even chatting with foreign friends online if possible .