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| 倩仪



Good morning/afternoon everyone! It is my honor to be here and I really appreciate you offer me the chance of interview .Now I will introduce myself first .My name is??from Xiangfan in Hubei province.

I'm an honest, responsible, and warm-hearted person. I can adapt different environments quickly .Second I like this kind of field very much and I take it as my career .Till now I have one year experience in this field.

As a 21 years man, I'd like to experience more to enrich myself and then it can help me to laid good foundation for my future career .There is no use doing what we love ,we must love we do just like the field. At the same time, I am really proud of myself applying for this job.

I hope you can give me a chance and I will try my best to do it better. Finally , I hope your hotel can become the best one among hotel industry。 Thanks for your time.


Hello everyone, my name is Lee. This is really a great honor to have this opportunity, and I believe I can make good performance today.

Now I will introduce myself briefly. I am 20 years old£?born in Guangdong province, south of China, and I am a senior student at Guangdong __University. My major is English. And I will receive my bachelor degree after my graduation in June.

In the past four years, I spent most of my time on study. I passed CET4 and CET6 with a ease and acquired basic theoretical and practical knowledge of Language. Besides, I have attended several Speech competition held in Beijing, which really showed our professional advantages. I have taken a tour to some big factories and companies, through which I got a deep understanding of English for application.

Compared to developed countries, unfortunately, although we have made extraordinary progress since 1998, our packaging industry is still underdeveloped, messy and unstable, and the situation of employees in the field is awkward. But I have full confidence in its bright future if only our economy can be kept at the growth pace still.

I guess you may be interested in why I choose this job. I would like to tell you that this job is one of my lifelong goals. If I can work here,I will work hard. As to my character, I cannot describe it well, but I know I am optimistic and confident. Sometimes I prefer to stay alone, reading and listening to the music, but I am not lonely, for I like to chat with my classmates about almost everything. My favorite pastime is to play volleyball, to play cards or to surf online.

From life at university, I learn how to balance?study?and entertainment. By the way, I was an actor in our amazing drama club. I have a few glorious memories on stage. That is my pride


Good morning,

Distinguished professors and teachers, ladies and gentlemen, thank you for attending the oral defense. (或Welcome to attend the oral defense.) :

I am _. First and foremost, I would like to express my sincere gratitude to my supervisor, professor_, for his intellectual guidance, invaluable instructions and comments on my thesis. It is with his valuable assistance that I have finally accomplished this thesis.

My topic is On the tragedy figures at historical turning points(Comparison of KongYiji and Rip Van )The whole thesis consists of 6 parts. The first part will give a brief introduction of the negative, evasive and conservative attitudes of Kong and Rip as well as the topic’s significance in the real society. And the second part is going to analyze the figures’ background to show the historical necessity of the tragedies. In the third part, the tragic heroes’ failing in the character according to their living environment will be further discussed and the fourth part is to talk about their different tendency of dispositions and behaviors in the society. Then the author will dig into the root causes of the tragedies in the fifth part, and sum up the whole paper to reveal the ideological weak points of the two countries separately in the last part.

Thank you!


My name is Li Haiqing. I am a local person who is 21years old. I

am from chongqing and I am of the opinion that my hometown is a beautiful city.


Moreover, I would like to say something about my family. I have my mother ,my father,and my elder sisther,they love me very much,I know my parents have so much hops and dreams for me。So I must study well.


I have the confidence because I have such ability! I am kind-hearted, patient, outgoing and creative. I am a hard working student especially do the thing I am interested in. I will try my best to resolve any problem no matter how difficult it is. I always believe that one will easily lag behind unless he keeps on learning.



In spare time, I like reading books, surfing on the Internet, listening to music like, classic, or light music, because they can make me feel relaxed. Nobody could keep on working efficiently, therefore proper amusement is a must. In addition, I insist on do some physical training such as running, and horizontal bar as well. By doing this, I can always stay healthy.


That’s all. Thank you for giving me such a valuable opportunity!



My English name is Julie. I chose Julie to be my English name because my family name is Zhu. I guess I\m not the first Julie you have interviewed, because there are so many Julies, hehe. My hometown is Wuhan, so I speak Hubei dialect in addition to Mandarin and some Cantonese.

I graduated from Guangzhou University two years ago. I had great performance in university, two scholarships, two awards of Excellent Student Cadre, and one impressive award of Full Attendance, which means I never missed a single class that semester!

My first job was receptionist and secretary in an electronic company, but I left in less than a year simply because I had little work to do there. At that time I could finish a day\s work in several hours. I couldn\t bear the boredom of having nothing to do, so I quit.

My current job is a very busy one. I work at Leshi pharmaceutical Company. Leshi, as you can see on my resume, specializes in the wholesale of Chinese medicine, the annual sales are about 50 million RMB. I am one of the eight customer service representatives. I provide services to about fifty customers, inputting orders, pushing payments, handling complaints and so on. Last year I ranked number two of the eight representatives in the annual Satisfaction Survey. Sales reps gave me 4.5 and customers gave me 4.2 out of the full score of 5 for the services I provided.

I\m interested in Ciba for two reasons. The first reason is that I look forward to joining a big international company. The second reason is that I feel I meet your requirements. Although I\ve never worked in fine chemistry companies, the two-year experience in a pharmaceutical company has made me a qualified customer service representative who can meet the high standards. I believe you know that the pharmaceutical business usually has very strict requirements and high standards. In addition, I am sure I can learn how to use Oracle ERp in a short time, as I am very familiar with Hejia ERp, which is quite similar, and I use the English version at my present job. That\s about all.